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Who we are
The National Union of Greek Australian Students Victoria (NUGAS VIC) is a non-for-profit, independent, secular, strictly non- political and non-partisan organisation established to actively promote the greek community, culture and education. Stretching back over four decades, NUGAS Victoria has not only been an active participant within the Greek community, but also critical in bringing Greek-Australian students and philhellenes together, while providing a modern context to Greek-Australian culture modern and ancient greek survives and prospers at our tertiary institutions. NUGAS Victoria also highly values it's contribution to the community through much volunteering and fundraising for aged care facilities, educational causes, as well as other community groups.
The aims and objectives of NUGAS Victoria are geared towards representing Greek Australian students both on and off campus. This year with 8 affiliate university greek associations across 8 universities around Victoria and nearly 2000 members, NUGAS Victoria is continuing to grow and evolve, increasingly diversifying it's events and providing a range of social and cultural events, services and interactivity for all it's members.

The fourth edition of the NUGAS Newsletter has been released!
Included in this edition:
  • President's address from George Vasilopoulos, discussing the success of the NUGAS Ball and other events and initiatives NUGAS has undertaken during the past five months.
  • Secretary, George Nikolakopoulos, discusses his journey through NUGAS, and how it has impacted his university-life.
  • We receive a behind-the-scenes view from the co-editor and co-author of The Genocide of the Greeks in Turkey: Survivor Testimonies from the Nicomedia (Izmit) Massacres of 1920-1921, Aris Tsilfidis.
Edition 4
Edited by Jordan Moschovitis.


Exams are DONE ✅
Winter is done ✅
Partying is just starting!

MUNGA, RUSH & LUGS are back again for another collaboration and an awesome summer themed AXP!
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