Deakin University Greek Society
About Us
The Deakin University Greek Society (DUGS) is a Greek-Australian Youth student organisation at Deakin University’s Burwood Campus. This club has become increasingly active on campus over the years and as such has played a significant role in cross-cultural communication on campus. The club operates not only as a forum where individuals can express and enjoy themselves, but encourages cross-disciplinary networking throughout the various degrees taught at Deakin University.
The Deakin University Greek Society was revived in 2012. Since the club’s revival there has been an exponential increase in membership, involvement and the quality of events that have been held on campus. Friendships formed via committee membership have kept the club active and ultimately underpins its ongoing growth and success.
To represent Greek-Australian students at Deakin University. To promote, display and involve students in all aspects of Greek culture, create memorable experiences through on and off campus events for all students and to embrace cultural diversity on campus.

Melbourne University Greek Association has a total of 20+ positions. Our AGM occurs in October during semester two every year. The following is the currently elected committee for 2018.
  • President: Yianni Skliros
  • Vice President: Peter Giasoumi
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Albanis
  • Treasurer: Steph Hortis
  • Marketing and Events Office: Anthony Hortis
  • General Committee: Anastasios Kazis, Milenko Ušćumlić, Anthea Marie Hasapis, Katerina Georgopoulos, Andrew Ioannou, Penni Hohtoulas, Georgia Rose, Cass Panas, Chloe Giamadakis, Konstance Vass, Emily Panas, Riccardo Brusco, Dion Gavalas, Sam Noske, Steve Papazois, James Terzopoulos, Kimon Diamantopoulos, Dylan Koletsis, Téa Malek, Steph Petrentsis and Marie Vallianos

Social Media
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For all NUGAS affiliated clubs, membership is only valid for one year (or until it's the end of the year it was purchased in).
  • $5 — Standard NUGAS joining fee.
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