La Trobe University Greek Society
About Us
LUGS is a rapidly growing greek/australian social and cultural club that seeks to unite the greek/australian youth at La Trobe University. We collaborate with other affiliated NUGAS clubs and universities to bring you a dynamic and exciting range of events, on and off campus.
As young Hellenes in the diaspora we want to ensure that our connection to our culture, traditions, history and language never fades. We aim to give other Greeks and philhellenes the opportunity to immerse themselves in our culture through various events and activities throughout the year. With La Trobe University being the only remaining Victorian university to still offer a totally comprehensive Greek Language program (levels 1-10), it is of the utmost importance to LUGS to ensure that the love for the Greek language is kept alive amongst our peers and the younger generations.
While we are definitely about having fun and enjoying the entertaining and 'lighter-hearted' aspects of our culture, we definitely haven't dismissed the importance of involving ourselves and supporting our wider community to ensure that our traditions and Hellenism is kept alive for future generations. We both want and need to give back to the people who have kept alive these traditions for us – and continue to keep alive – for us to enjoy so far away from Greece herself.

La Trobe University Greek Society has a total of 17 positions. Our AGM occurs at in April during semester one every year. The following is the currently elected committee for 2018.
  • Presidents: Anthea Banousis and Leigh Mihailidis
  • Secretary: Xenia Albanis
  • Treasurer: Julia Giatrakos
  • IT/Marketing Officer: Foteini Sismanis
  • Public Affairs: John Charalabidis
  • Cultural Officer: Elli Diamantopoulos
  • Activities Officer: Christina Hantzinikolas
  • General Committee: Nicholas Opasinis, George Vasilopoulos, Michael Iroeche, James Panas, Dahlia Stankovic, James Sotiropoulos, Connie Sapantzis, Dean Kepenis and George Tsironis

Social Media
Want to get in touch with us? Best way is to message us via our facebook page!

For all NUGAS affiliated clubs, membership is only valid for one year (or until it's the end of the year it was purchased in).
  • $5 — Standard NUGAS joining fee.
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