Melbourne University Greek Association
About Us
The Melbourne University Greek Association (MUnGA) is a Greek-Australian student organisation at the University of Melbourne, Australia. As of 2018, it consists of over 200 Hellenic and philhellenic Australian students.
The Melbourne University Greek Association was established in 2009 at the Parkville campus of the University of Melbourne. The first executive was comprised of Jonathon Angelopoulos (President), Peter Karakoussis (Vice-President), Stefan Dimou (Secretary), Anthony Michalopoulos (Treasurer) and Kerry Matthews (NUGAS representative). It was formed in order to provide a common interest and social network for Hellenic and philhellenic students. In the same year it became affiliated to both the National Union of Greek Australian Students (NUGAS) as well as the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU).
The aims of the club are to foster pride in Hellenic heritage amongst the students of Hellenic descent, to further Greek culture and tradition at the University of Melbourne, to educate interested students by promoting and teaching the Greek language, serving as a platform to strengthen social ties amongst all members as well as to bring closer the Hellenes and the philhellenes of the University of Melbourne.

Melbourne University Greek Association has a total of 13 positions. Our AGM occurs at in April during semester one every year. The following is the currently elected committee for 2018.
  • President: Themistocles Kritikakos
  • Vice President: Dean Kotsianis
  • Secretary: Ignatius Vlachos
  • Treasurer: Quy Fatouros
  • Cultural and Affiliations Officer: Nicole Bazzano
  • Media Officer: Irini Levou
  • General Committee: George Dimidis, Kristen Politis, Dimos Goulas, Vasilike Sgourakis, Tash Psaras, Kostas Laladakis and Alexander Leris

Social Media
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