Victoria University Greek Society
About Us
Being the Hellenic pride and joy of the University of Opportunity, the Victoria University Greek Society (VUGS) is a student-run Greek-Australian-rooted social and cultural club that seeks to bring together both the Hellenic and philhellenic youth of Victoria University (VU) together to celebrate our rich heritage. As of 2018, we have close to 100 members.
Re-established and reinvigorated by the energetic Nadia Bimpis in 2010, VUGS developed a strong culture of giving back to the community whilst also providing value for our members within the university’s student body. The club has also become affiliated to the National Union of Greek Australian Students Victoria (NUGAS Victoria) as well as the Student Life department at Victoria University, whilst maintaining a strong relationship with the Victoria University Student Union (VUSU).
Slowly becoming a household name at VU, VUGS seeks to foster pride in our well-celebrated heritage amongst students of Greek background whilst also educating philhellenes about our history-steeped culture so that they too can enjoy, and hopefully adopt, our Hellenic way of life. We are a platform for all things Greek at VU, carrying on and preserving the Hellenic spirit of our forefathers for all to revel in.

Melbourne University Greek Association has a currently has a total of 7 positions filled on committee and there's more available, please contact if you want to join! Our AGM occurs at in October during semester two every year. The following is the currently elected committee for 2018.
  • President: Larsa Matti
  • Vice President: Alex Borrelli
  • Secretary: Laura Christou
  • Treasurer: Dimitra Poutselas
  • General Committee: Madeline Christofides, Pasquale Popovski and Eleni Kosmidis

Social Media
Want to get in touch with us? Best way is to message us via our facebook page!

For all NUGAS affiliated clubs, membership is only valid for one year (or until it's the end of the year it was purchased in).
  • $5 — Standard NUGAS joining fee.
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