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How do I join NUGAS?
You can join NUGAS Victoria by approaching the Greek Club / Society at your respective university which will then help you fill in a membership form.
From 2018 you can join NUGAS online via our membership form, click your respective university club above and follow the prompts underneath the "membership" section.

Do I have to be of Greek heritage to join Nugas Victoria?
No, anyone from any background or religion is welcome to join in and help us celebrate and promote our unique culture across Victoria.

Why should I join NUGAS Victoria?
Joining NUGAS Victoria allows you to receive frequent notifications, and a huge range of discounts to all of our events which include the famous annual NUGAS Ball and the Business Breakfast! By joining us, you will also build lifetime friendships with many people from different universities and different backgrounds, as well as building a great network with the Greek community of Melbourne and beyond.

What extra benefits do I get from joining NUGAS Victoria other than what the Greek Club/Society at my respective university provides?
As Nugas Victoria is the ‘top of the umbrella’, bringing all the University Clubs together and involving all University students in a single context, this enables growth in both a social as well as educational context and ensures that an interconnected web of Greek heritage, sociality and culture is upheld and maintained.

What range of events does NUGAS Victoria hold?
NUGAS Victoria holds both social events as well as educational and networking events. Some of the most popular social events include the sold out NUGAS Boat Cruise, the Nugas Easter Sunday event as well as the eagerly anticipated Nugas Ball. In terms of the educational events, these range from the NUGAS Breakfast and other yearly alternative events such as the Greek Community of Melbourne 120 years Anniversary held to celebrate Greek Youth in the community.

How do I join the NUGAS Victoria Committee?
To join the NUGAS Victoria committee, you need to be a member in the committee of the Greek Club/Society in your respective University. This allows you to nominate yourself to become a representative of your university club on the NUGAS committee. Your nomination is then voted on during the NUGAS Victoria AGM which takes place early in the year.

How do I contact NUGAS Victoria?
You can contact us through our Facebook page Nugas Victoria. Alternatively, you can contact us via email nugas@nugasvic.org.au.
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